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What’s Cincinnatus About?

CincinnatusCall me old-fashioned, but when I decided to write Cincinnatus, I tried to write a book about things that I like.

There are appearances from the Crosley brothers (who I obviously have a great affinity for), Cat Cay (one of my favorite golf courses in the world), the PGA (I’ve been an official golf scorer for years), and this crazy guy I learned about named Ed Leedskalnin (Coral Castle).

Growing up in and around Cincinnati, the book is also about something else I find very interesting, The Society of the Cincinnati.  They’re a secret organization founded by many of the United States’ founding fathers.

But what is Cincinnatus about?  It’s a fast-paced action thriller about a very cool female US Department of Justice attorney who teams up with a washed-up PGA golfer to solve a mystery.  The ball of yarn begins unraveling when they find evidence of a conspiracy to fix golf tournaments, which leads them to a secret plot with millions of lives at stake.

David Stern and I set out to write a really fun book, and that’s what we did.  It’s an amazing adventure that you won’t be able to put down.

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Want More Cincinnatus?

Want more information on Cincinnatus?

Of course, my book, Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America, is fictional.  But I did a lot of research before I wrote the book and I based many of the elements on real things.  The Crosley brothers are real, Coral Castle is real, Cat Cay is real.

And Cincinnatus, the Roman general, is also real.  He really existed, and he inspired our founding fathers.  His full name was Lucius Quintcius Cincinnatus.

Here are some links to learn more about Cincinnatus, the person:

“Cincinnatus” article on Wikipedia

A short version of the story of Cincinnatus on

Enclycopedia Brittanica article on Cincinnatus

Enjoy these links, and I hope you’re as inspired by Cincinnatus as I am.

New Cincinnatus Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for my book Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America.  We made a couple of changes to the video.

If you haven’t read Cincinnatus yet, you can find it on here.  It’s also available from all major retailers, as a hardbound book, a paperback book and an e-book for almost all devices.  It’s a 5-star book, with ratings from 28 reviewers.  If you have read it, please take the time to leave an honest review for other readers.

You can also find Cincinnatus and leave a review on Goodreads here.

The Real Cat Cay

Cat_Cay_11_11_07_-_55624AIf you’ve read Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America, you may remember the secret lair on Cat Cay, an island off the coast of Florida.

Cat Cay, like most of the places in Cincinnatus, is a real place!  It’s an exclusive island only open to members.  You can find more information about the island on this Wikipedia page.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the island, and playing the golf course there several times, and I knew it would make the perfect secluded location for Cincinnatus.

Check out that link to learn more, or just read Cincinnatus.

You can also find real pictures of Cat Cay (as well as photos of Coral Castle, the Crosley Brothers, and more) on the Cincinnatus website here.

The Real Cincinnati

CincinnatusDid you know that the Society of the Cincinnati in my book Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America is a real thing?

The Society of the Cincinnati is the oldest patriotic organization in the United States, originally founded by a group of officers from the Continental Army (Revolutionary War) who idealized the selflessness of the Roman farmer-dictator Cincinnatus.

The society is still alive and active today.  It is a private, closed organization made up solely of qualified male descendants of the founding officers.

Officially, the group promotes patriotism through education, museums and libraries.  What do they do with the rest of their time and money?  I’ve got a few ideas – Cincinnatus.

Learn more about the society at or on Wikipedia.

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CincinnatusHave you read Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America?  It’s an action-packed, heart-pounding thriller I wrote with David Stern.

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