When the Crosley brothers began to get famous, the national press ran story after storyCrosley Book informing the public of their innovations.

In 1924, Powel Crosley had his picture taken, his life story recorded and his words broadcast to the nation.  Unfortunately, not everything printed and quoted was accurate.

In this case, it wasn’t the journalists who were embellishing stories and editing the truth. It was Powel.

With great success comes pressure to be great. Powel wanted complete control over the image he presented to his customers and his investors. He censored parts of his life he saw as failures, even though those moments said the most about his character.

Instead of showing his determination through his flaws, he tried to craft an image of a flawless businessman. In his desire to create a powerful image, he alienated himself from the market he was serving. He moved farther away from the everyday, flawed people who purchased his products.

Powel Crosley is known for his business empire, his inventions and his wealth, but I admire him for the one thing he chose to hide- his determination.