Long-term dedication is hard. Corporate Gift Set

It’s easy to be committed to something at first. No task seems too daunting when you’re fueled by the excitement of starting something new. But after awhile, that newness wears off and you’re left with work. Hard, tiring, uninspiring work.

This is when most people give up.

The local people of Homestead, Florida thought Ed Leedskalnin was a little crazy to dedicate his life to building Coral Castle. The Crosley brothers failed over and over before they finally achieved success.

Ed, Powel and Lewis never gave up.

The Crosley brothers were just as committed to their dream during failures as they were at the height of their success. Ed kept Coral Castle going even though it didn’t attract his lost love like he’d hoped. All three men were committed to turning their ambitions into reality.

Dedication isn’t easy, it isn’t fun and there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed.

That’s what makes it admirable.