New to the Neighborhood

If you think people are curious about Coral Castle today, imagine what Ed Leedskalnin’s Coral Castleneighbors thought.

The appearance of a European man, new to the area and gaunt from tuberculosis, was enough to stir some talk in the town of Homestead, Florida. As he began his life’s work, speculation only grew.

Ed had load after load of coral rock delivered by to his new home.

Although Ed employed the help of a local man to obtain the rock, what he did with it after that remained a mystery to the town.

He remained elusive, often working at night with only a lantern or moonlight to light his progress. Some town residents even camped out around his property, trying to catch a glimpse of what Ed was working on.

Earl S. Lee was a boy when Ed Leedskalnin became his neighbor. Lee recalls watching Ed use a system of ditches, wedges and poles to shape, move and hoist the gigantic pieces of coral rock.

Despite explanations from those who knew Ed, skeptics are quick to point out implausibilities given the enormous weight of the rocks.

Some people even thought Ed was deliberately misleading his neighbors to hide the real secret of how he built Coral Castle.

Before it was even completed, Coral Castle was a mystery.