A Family Philosophy

Growing up watching his father labor over hot tobacco fields, Powel Crosley read theCrosley Book Cincinnati Gazette and dreamed of life in the Ohio metropolis.

He read about Civil War industries like foundries and munitions plants. He read about gaslights and libraries, restaurants and bookstores.

Powel Crosley imagined all of these things he had never seen, and became determined to grow with the urban frontier.

At that time, education beyond a basic understanding of reading, writing and math was considered unnecessary for a farmer’s child. Helping in the field and on the farm was more important than spending time reading books.

Powel Crosley didn’t stop learning.

He was one of the first students to attend Springboro’s new high school, finally leaving his hometown to become a teacher. At 21, he was principal of the Clarksville, Ohio school district.

Eventually, Powel Crosley would have two sons-Powel Crosley, Jr., and Lewis Crosley.

Powel Crosley, Sr. imparted to his two sons the most important thing he had learned in a life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge-

You never, ever quit.

Judging by the history books, the Crosley brothers listened to their father.