Getting There

We can find out what’s going on half-way across the world almost instantly.           BeforeCoral Castle you even set foot in another country you can learn the language, exchange your currency and reserve a hotel room.

Traveling wasn’t so convenient in 1912.

On March 23, 1912, Latvian immigrant Ed Leedskalnin could only imagine what America would be like as he boarded a ship bound for New York City.

He arrived at Ellis Island sixteen days later with eighty dollars in his pocket. With no ties to anyone, Ed traveled for the next eleven years. In his wanderings around the U.S. he learned the language, learned the people and learned how to make a living.

Ed arrived in Florida in 1923, finally intending to build a home and settle down. It’s here where the records of Ed’s life become intertwined with the stuff of conspiracy theories and tall tales.

The mystery surrounding Ed Leedskalnin led me to write Coral Castle, but as I learned more about him I found the first part of his life was just as inspiring.

 I can only imagine the courage it must have required for Ed to leave his home and become a stranger in another country. He worked hard and learned from each job he took and each place he visited.

Engineers, conspiracy theorists and journalists have all wondered how Ed built Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida.

I’m pretty impressed with how he got there.