Good Ideas

In August of 1899, Powel Crosley had an idea for a car.Crosley Book

At thirteen, gathering materials to build a prototype wasn’t going to be easy. His father was skeptical and offered no assistance to his son. (Although he did promise a ten dollar reward if the car could run a block.)

Powel enlisted the help and savings of his younger brother, Lewis. The pair roamed around Cincinnati, OH to gather the parts Powel had designed.

After a few weeks of hard work and false starts, Lewis drove their newly invented vehicle down the block. The rest is history.

The Crosley brothers didn’t stop at a good idea. They didn’t let doubt, lack of money or the frustration of trial and error convince them to give up.

If you have a good idea, and you’re lucky enough to know it’s a good idea, don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate and don’t quit.

If the Crosley brothers had given up all those years ago you’d probably be reading about someone else right now.

Good ideas are everywhere, but what good are they if you never act on them?