Do You Read E-books?

I have a simple question for you, do you read e-books?

E-book sales have soared in the past two years.  Some independent publishers are now reporting that up to 50% of their sales are in e-books.

I can see why.  The e-reader technology has gotten a lot cheaper (a simple Kindle is now $69), and Americans are more used to staring at screens for long periods of time than ever before.

For myself, I’m not sure.  I know that there will always be certain books that I want to hold in my hands, it’s part of the experience.  But for a lot of books that I would pick up as a cheap trade paperback, why not give it a try?  You can sometimes save a couple bucks, and the Kindle’s a lot lighter than a stack of books.

Do you read e-books?  Why or why not?  If not, do you plan to?  What would it take to convert you to e-books?

Let me know what you think.