Let’s Connect on Goodreads

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little behind the curve on this whole social media thing.  I’m doing my best to get the hang of it though, and overall I’m glad I did.  I’m able to connect with my readers in new and real ways.  It’s a lot easier than I imagine opening letters all day was!

One of my favorite new networks is Goodreads.  What a great idea!  Find my profile here and connect with me.

Some of these social media sites are so bogged down with features and things to do that it’s hard to sort it out.  But Goodreads knows its purpose, and it does it well.  It’s all about books.  It’s all about readers connecting with each other, and connecting with their favorite authors.

Check it out, review a few books (mine if you don’t mind), and connect with me there.  I’ll keep an eye out for you.  :-)