The Real Coral Castle

Coral CastleCoral Castle is such a cool place, I not only featured it in Cincinnatus: The Secret Plot to Save America, but I also felt compelled to write a book just about it.  Coral Castle: The Mystery of Ed Leedksalnin and his American Stonehenge explores the mystery and controversy surrounding the site.

Coral Castle is a massive stone structure located just outside of Miami, Florida.  Legend says that one man, Ed Leedskalnin, built the whole thing by himself with nothing but simple block and tackle.

No one ever saw Ed work.  He worked at night, and put up barriers so that no one can see.  But given the equipment that can be seen, it would be impossible for a single man to move these stones, some of which weigh several tons, even with complicated block and tackle and simple machines.

Over the years, this has led to lots of speculation about how Ed was able to accomplish this.  Some claim he harnessed supernatural forces or alien powers, others say he simply knew something about the physical properties of gravity and magnetism that allowed him to manipulate objects around him.  Whatever the case, it’s a huge mystery.

If you’re traveling to Miami, Coral Castle is worth a stop.  It’s now a museum and tourist attraction.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have the answer of how he did this.  But I do my best to present the credible theories and history of the place in Coral Castle.  Check it out, or read the fictional account in Cincinnatus.