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Graham’s Charlotte

I don’t normally read young adult novels, but I recently came across a new book by anGrahamsCharlotte Ohio author and figured I’d give it a shot.

The book is Graham’s Charlotte by Drew Farnsworth. It was the winner of Columbus Creative Cooperative’s Great Novel Contest in 2013.

The plot centers around angsty teenager Madison Riley. Madison acquires an all-knowing cell phone and has to use it to save her mother from impending danger. I won’t spoil the rest.

Find Graham’s Charlotte on here

A lot of recent YA bestsellers are marketed to teenagers, but they actually target adults. I think Farnsworth can be praised for not trying to play both sides of the market. He knows his audience and he doesn’t stray from what will work best for them.

This probably shouldn’t be your first choice if you’ve already graduated high school, but it should appeal to the young adults it was written to entertain.

Book Review: Seven in a Jeep by Ed Gaydos

Seven in a Jeep by Ed GaydosAs a New York Times Bestselling Author, every once in a while I have the pleasure of reading a book by a fellow author and providing a blurb for their book cover and promotional materials.

Before it was released in the spring, I reviewed Ed Gaydos’s excellent Vietnam memoir, Seven in a JeepFind the book here.

Ed Gaydos brings to life the guys at the listening end of Adrian Cronauer’s Good Morning Vietnam  radio shows – authentically – because he was there.

A tough time in America and a tougher time for the guys who shipped out is pictured here, richly and with heart.

Great book, Ed!

Best of Ohio Short Stories by Columbus Creative Cooperative

Best of Ohio Short StoriesIf you’re unfamiliar with Columbus Creative Cooperative, take a look at their newest anthology, Best of Ohio Short Stories.

This group represents my current hometown and my home state, and they represent us well.

I see so many amateur writers’ groups attempting to produce books, and really they’re just crowding the self-published marketplace with more poorly executed slog.  Fortunately, groups like Columbus Creative Cooperative are doing things right.

Professional editing, first-class design and production values, these books are on par with anthologies being produced by the largest houses, and the stories are truly impressive.

You can check out this book on CCC’s website, or go straight to Amazon.  Great work Columbus Creative Cooperative and to the included authors.  You’re well represented and you’ve produced a fine book that our state can be proud of.