Reoccurring Characters

I wrote Crosley and Coral Castle to give my readers insight into people from the past Cincinnatuswho I thought were extraordinary. These books tell the stories of Ed Leedskalnin and the Crosley brothers through meticulously gathered research and facts.

After learning so much about these three men, I decided I wanted them to be a part of my next book.

Cincinnatus also features Ed and the Crosley brothers, but this time in a work of fiction.┬áThe versions of Ed Leedskalnin, Powel Crosley, Jr. and Lewis Crosley that appear in Cincinnatus are characters, but I crafted them from what I’d learned about their actual personalities. The interactions they have with each other in the book are purely fictional, but I wrote their encounters imagining how the men would actually react.

Writing the true account of these men’s lives gave me the insight and inspiration to write them into their next adventure. Crosley and Coral Castle tell the stories of the Crosley brothers and Ed Leedskalnin as they really lived, but Cincinnatus allows them to live on in a new story.