After Ed Leedskalnin’s death in 1951, Coral Castle was put to use in ways he never Coral Castleimagined.

B-movies, especially science fiction and fantasy films, were always in need of cheap, ‘otherworldly’ sets. Coral Castle’s unnatural giant rock sculptures were perfect.

Films like Wild Women of Wongo, Plan 9 from Outer Space and Nude on the Moon all featured Coral Castle in some of their scenes. Never heard of them? Few people have.

Like film critics everywhere, I imagine Ed would cringe at the thought of a scantily clad ‘Moon Goddess’ bathing in his stone tub, or sitting on the giant throne he worked so hard to build. But as the television industry grew, Coral Castle was revisited many times by programs of a more serious nature.

Coral Castle was featured on an episode of In Search Of, a documentary-style program that explored paranormal or mysterious subjects, hosted by Leonard Nimoy. This episode, in addition to cameos on other similar programs, helped bring Coral Castle into the spotlight.

While it’s no mega-attraction, Coral Castle has retained its intrigue because it’s an authentic achievement.  When it comes down to it, all the futuristic B-movies in the world can’t compare to one man’s lifetime of hard work.